Nutrition Counseling at Elemental Medicine in Rochester, NH

Helping patients create a healthy diet that supports their well being as well as their body types, also known in Ayurveda as constitutions, is a cornerstone of Elemental Medicine’s customized nutrition plans.

Using Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine approaches, Elemental Medicine can make more effective and personalized recommendations than typically found in standard sources of nutritional counseling. These ancient systems recognize that the specific qualities of foods­ whether they are heating or cooling, drying or moistening, or direct energy up or down-impact overall health and the body’s state of balance. By zeroing in on symptoms, and finding the cause beneath them, Dr. Devlin and Dr. Savastio can find the right diet solution to work in conjunction with other treatment options.

The doctors create personalized programs on nutrition for each patient, detailing which fruits, vegetables, animal proteins, legumes, nuts and seeds, sweeteners, condiments and oils work best for that patient’s condition.

Elemental Medicine also offers a wide range of supplements, which can be ordered over the phone or through email for established patients.

Patients are frequently incorrect when they attempt to diagnose themselves. Much of the content found on websites is directed more at sales than valid fact or education, and additionally, it is often difficult to discern the quality of the supplements purchased online. Many times people become overwhelmed with hundreds of dollars of products and no results, and some supplements do not mix well with medications. Also, this way of purchasing, using supplements as drugs, is not a holistic approach. The doctors at Elemental Medicine can help sort through the hype and develop a focused supplement plan geared for you, your health challenges and goals.

Dr. George Savastio“You digest your experience of being alive just as you digest your food…the body and mind are two ends of one spectrum and they reflect each other.”
-Dr. George Savastio