Intravenous Nutrition

Whether someone is going through chemotherapy or dealing with a chronic illness like hepatitis C, Intravenous Nutrition (IVN) is a great way to get essential nutrients and fluid into the body.

When someone’s digestive tract is challenged it does not extract energy and nutrients as efficiently from food and supplements. Infusing nutrients directly into the blood is an effective method to enhance the body’s healing response.


Dr. Beth Devlin“Intravenous Nutrition can be a great preventative measure. When we are under stress and the power of the fight or flight response, our body does not digest and absorb nutrients properly. Having IVN can increase energy and support the immune system around stressful events, like a job change, move or death of a loved one. IVN helps to ensure the body does not get run down and become more prone to imbalance.”

-Dr. Beth Devlin

Elemental medicine is excited to offer IV’s with Argentyn23, the unique bio-active silver hydrosol. This IV has been especially powerful in the treatment of tick borne illnesses, as the silver destroys microbes in contact while leaving human tissue undisturbed. Elemental Medicine offers several customized IVN options targeted at the following conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Hepatitis
  • Lyme disease
  • Migraine headaches
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Colds and flus

“I’ve personally been going through the most challenging time of my life. Consequently my weak liver has been seriously compromised. Dr. Savastio and Dr. Devlin offered intensive¬†treatment options -including IVN -addressing the whole person. Every step of the way they taught me how to best take an active role in the healing of my body, mind and spirit.”

-Donna Bruce, Newburyport, MA