Herbal Medicine at Elemental Medicine in Rochester NH
Herbal Medicine

Plants have been used as medicine around the world since the dawn of time. As civilizations arose, early tribal practices evolved into sophisticated systematic usage in ancient Greece, China, India and the Middle East. These systems continue today and provide us with a wealth of information and knowledge that is still as valued and useful as ever. Herbs are used in several different forms including teas, baths, poultices, capsules and extracts.

Dr. Devlin’s love for plant medicine is deeply rooted in her love of nature. Her connection with plants began as a child and her understanding grew while studying Biology and Botany in college. In addition to a year of study of Botanical Medicine in Naturopathic School, she completed two years of clinical supervision and an advanced internship. Dr. Devlin has also participated in advanced herbal workshops with Vasant Lad, Rosemary Gladstar, Stephen Buhner, Anne McIntyre, and Mary Bove among others. Dr. Devlin also contributed a chapter in Naturopathic Endocrinology on Adaptogenic herbs and had articles published in magazines.

In addition to their individual uses, plants have the wonderful ability to work synergistically with each other. Both Drs. Devlin and Savastio create customized herbal formulations to address all sorts of conditions from headaches and infertility, to rheumatoid arthritis, based on scientific training and well developed intuitive skills.

For example, one patient’s headache may be due to stress or sitting in front of a computer screen for too long, making him or her feel jumpy, nervous or cold. The doctor may develop an herbal combination that is warming and soothing to the nervous system and adrenal glands in this case. Another patient, who may have headaches from long-term constipation, would require a different herbal remedy for cleansing the blood and promoting elimination of waste.

Dr. Beth Devlin“Unlike modern drugs, many of the plant medicines we use today have been used for thousands of years. Modern science is now catching up to verify what indigenous peoples have known for centuries.”
—Dr. Beth Devlin