Family Wellness at Elemental Medicine in Rochester NH
Family Wellness

Elemental Medicine understands the preciousness of your family’s health and wellness, and the unique developmental needs of kids; from infancy to young adulthood.

Establishing good eating and lifestyle habits early, and treating symptoms as naturally as possible when they occur, helps children create a solid foundation for lifelong health.

Dr. Devlin has been successful in treating children with ADD/ADHD. Most children improve their focus on their educational tasks and homework.

Dr. Beth Devlin“An 8-year-old boy who had been diagnosed with ADD was having trouble sleeping and showing signs of anxiety. After listening carefully, I changed his diet, and created a customized homeopathic remedy, along with an herbal and supplement regime to calm the nervous system. Within weeks he was focusing better at school and sleeping better. He was able to avoid ADD medications and continues to thrive today.”
-Dr. Devlin

Elemental Medicine also treats children with a wide range of other medical conditions—from common colds, headaches, recurring ear infections, constipation and digestive issues to Lyme disease, allergies, asthma, bed-wetting (enuresis) and teething.

Dr. Devlin respectfully helps teens gain their equilibrium, self-esteem and good health. Plus, she has “a knack” for listening to their special concerns. Both she and Dr. Savastio also help teens with a wide range of health concerns — such as stress or anxiety caused by hormonal imbalances, to the clearing up of acne that may cause unnecessary self-consciousness.

“Dr. Devlin became our family doctor and over time has helped me, my husband and our three young children transform the way we think about our health. It’s about the way we eat, the way we exercise, the way we relax, the way we sleep, the way we treat illness (with herbal tinctures or homeopathic remedies), the way we handle stress and the way we understand how everything in our lives – from intentions to emotions to behavioral patterns – contributes to a larger picture of well-being. We feel extremely fortunate to have Dr. Devlin as a resource and an inspiration for happier, healthier, more holistic living.”

—Kate Gilbane, Boston, MA