Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) uses gentle touch to create powerful results. By using subtle movements with pressure, restrictions found in the connective tissue that underlies the skin are able to be relieved. Often these restrictions are formed from earlier emotional or physical traumas.

Dr. Devlin often incorporates other muscle energy release and techniques with the Craniosacral treatment. This treatment is helpful for a broad range of conditions-from migraines and chronic sinus infections, to anxiety and joint pain. It is a gentle soothing therapy effective for all ages from newborns to elders.

Dr. Beth Devlin“With Craniosacral Therapy, I engage the patient in a healing way through gentle touch. The sessions are often a time of peace and relaxation for the patient. Physical and emotional tension is frequently released during these treatment sessions leading to a more balanced state of well¬≠being.”
-Dr. Beth Devlin