Acupuncture at Elemental Medicine in Rochester, NH

Acupuncture is an effective and often relaxing way of treating many conditions, such as pain, digestion, fertility, insomnia, allergy, stress, anxiety and more. Through the gentle placement of tiny needles into specific regions of the body, acupuncture re-balances and harmonizes the Qi. Qi is considered by the Chinese to be a primal energy that works with the tissues and fluids of the body. When the Qi is balanced and harmonized, good health and function result. Pain, for example, is understood to be the stagnation of Qi, which acupuncture excels at dispersing. Even those who are afraid of needles typically find the treatment calming and peaceful.

Acu-steam, is a unique, proprietary treatment offered exclusively at Elemental Medicine. Acu-steam is a more specific, unique form of acupuncture created by Elemental Medicine to bring relief to stiff and painful muscles and joints, particularly in the spine, neck and shoulder areas. Combining the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, Acu-steam begins with a massage to the inflicted area, using warm oils infused with anti-spasmodic and pain­ reducing herbs imported from India. Acupuncture needles are then placed in targeted areas. Next, hot steam is directed to bathe and soothe the tense, painful muscles and joints. This delightful treatment experience frequently brings quick relief to persistently painful areas, even in difficult cases such as rheumatoid arthritis.