Elemental Medicine creates individualized, affordable treatment plans for each patient, often blending options from a “tool chest” of natural remedies and therapies. At the initial visit, each patient is given a thorough holistic intake interview of at least 90 minutes. Family history, lifestyle, stressors, and symptoms are reviewed. Diagnostic testing and lab work are used as necessary if indicated. Additional information is gathered through tongue and pulse diagnosis, which give specific information regarding the condition of various organ systems.

Once the assessment is complete, we turn to our array of natural remedies and therapies to bring about a state of balance and health. Because your health is directly related to the way you live your life, all prescriptions begin with specific recommendations for diet and lifestyle. See all our Services below:

Acupuncture at Elemental Medicine in Rochester, NH
Acupuncture is an effective and often relaxing way of treating many conditions, such as pain, digestion, fertility, insomnia, allergy, stress, anxiety and more.
Ayurvedic Medicine at Elemental Medicine in Rochester NH
Considered as a sister science of yoga, Ayurveda looks at the causes beneath a patient's symptoms in order to bring the body back into balance.
By using subtle movements with pressure, restrictions found in the connective tissue that underlies the skin are able to be relieved.
Herbal Medicine at Elemental Medicine in Rochester NH
Plants have been used as medicine around the world since the dawn of time. As civilizations arose, early tribal practices evolved into sophisticated systematic usage in ancient Greece, China, India and the Middle East.
Homeopathic medicine employs natural remedies from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms to bring curative change to the body.
Whether someone is going through chemotherapy or dealing with a chronic illness like hepatitis C, Intravenous Nutrition (IVN) is a great way to get essential nutrients and fluid into the body.
Nutrition Counseling at Elemental Medicine in Rochester, NH
Helping patients create a healthy diet that supports their well being as well as their body types, also known in Ayurveda as constitutions, is a cornerstone of Elemental Medicine's customized nutrition plans.
Swedhana treatment at Elemental Medicine in Rochester, NH
Panchakarma extends beyond other cleansing techniques to remove toxins by reaching beneath the skin to the muscles, joints and connective tissues where toxic ama is lodged.
Spinal Manipulation at Elemental Medicine in Rochester NH
Spinal manipulation is often the treatment of choice for spinal pain, whether it is experienced in the neck, upper, or lower back.