Dr. George Savastio Naturopathic Doctor in New Hampshire

Elemental Medicine uses the best of three approaches in bringing natural health care to the whole family:

The healing, compassionate, and nurturing listening skills of the old country doctor who knew the whole family and how each individual lived in that context.

The advances of modern science, with diagnostic testing through blood, urine and saliva samples and pulse or tongue assessments.

The ancient and proven wisdom of Naturopathic, Chinese and Ayuverdic medicine.

Dr. Beth Devlin Naturopathic Doctor in New Hampshire

We practice the principles of the naturopathic profession, which include:

  • Do no harm
  • Honor the healing power of nature
  • See the doctor as being a teacher
  • Support the body’s innate ability to heal itself
  • Treat the underlying cause of an illness or disease
  • Treat the whole person

If you want to change your health, look first to the way you are living and be ready to make changes there.

The constitution of a person’s body type is beautiful guide that helps patients gain an understanding of themselves, and for the doctor to guide the patient in diet and lifestyle. Everything in the Universe has a constitution and when your constitution intermingles with the constitution of other beings and food, the balance is constantly changing.”

Dr. George Savastio

Naturopathic medicine intake, New Hampshire

At Elemental Medicine, we take a personal approach with an extensive 90-minute initial patient visit, which includes review of his or her lifestyle, medical and personal history, and assessments, from which customized treatment plans are created. We offer a vast array of treatment options and hands-on therapies, to aid in each individuals healing.

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